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3d drawing pen

With this I think I hit the jackpot. No more buying toys for my kids. They now should be able to make their own … 🙂

With all the fuss around 3d printing, 3d doodler, 3d pens, … too much 3d theese days 🙂 I really got in the mood to try something without spending a couple of hundreds. So like every other dad does, I found the excuse: buy it “for the kids” 😉

I decided to go with a 3d pen, more exactly this one. I thought about this one and maybe I should have taken this one, but no hurry, there are still a lot of events coming “for the kids” 🙂

The first tries were not so lucky. A lot of fun, but clearly some amount of handywork is needed.

But like always with the kids, with more skill comes more fun. So the next tries looked better and better.

The last was a fully functional crane with a crank used to lift objects.

With time the toys can look good enough not to end in some box and be forgotten. And while the kids have fun, the parents can chill 😉