Years ago I started to learn some 3D modelling and animation. First with 3D Max, Maya and Blender. Since my access to 3D Max and Maya was restricted, I had to stick to Blender.

This makes a lot of fun also. It quickly became another hobby. Lately I use all my spare time focusing on learning more and more Blender. For my latest project “Aoria”, a adaptive game learning system, I need a lot of 3D objects, animated or not, but all in low polygon version. This is a real challange since animated characters and objects, with a low polygon count need to be modelled really good so that the animation doesn’t look weird. Also rigging such an object has to be done very carefully and the weights of every bone often have to be adapted manually. Another very interesting thing I learn now is how to recreate human and animal movement through animation, by implementing walk and run cycles and other behaviors. All this is in an early stage so I will soon post more and more.

Some of my 3D experiments: