I started with painting around 2000 when I came to Germany. It became soon a very big passion and got me spending a lot of hours trying to create interesting worlds. I found it far more interesting to also create a unique style and view of the things I painted. Using as much creativity as possible besides copying real-life objects and scenery seams far more interesting. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why my paintings are more into the surreal style.

Some years ago, I thought about combining the paper-mache technique with painting and getting out of the 2D paintings into the 3rd dimension. Since then I only created 3D paintings. It takes a little longer first thinking about sculpturing the form and then painting it, but it is totally worth it, i think.

Then I thought of combining the above technique with another technique I tried some couple years ago: continuing the painting on the walls. Since then I had the chance and time to do some of it at home, since I needed to paint the walls anyway.

Some of my paintings: